Friday, July 12, 2024

Iranian VP says US prisoners will remain in Iran until full transfer of frozen funds 

Iran’s vice president for political affairs has said in a tweet that the US prisoners will remain in Iran until the full transfer of billions of dollars in frozen Iranian funds.

Mohammad Jamshidi added that following the unlocking of the Iranian assets in Iraq, the process of unfreezing the Islamic Republic’s funds in South Korea has also started.

The US and Iran earlier reached a deal to exchange their prisoners and under the agreement the US is also committed to unlock the Iranian assets frozen in Iraq and South Korea.

Some reports say Iran can use the funds only for humanitarian purposes, but Iran’s Foreign Ministry says the decision on how to utilize the assets lies with Tehran.

Western observers claim Iran will not have direct access to the funds and they will be deposited in a bank account in Qatar and will be used to pay for buying unbanned goods and services for Iran.

A senior advisor to the Iranian negotiating team during the JCPOA revival talks however denies this. Moahmmad Marandi said in a tweet earlier that Tehran will have direct access to its assets that were frozen by the US for several years.

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