Saturday, May 18, 2024

Iranian court sentences dagger wielding robber to death

A court in Tehran has sentenced to death a young man after he was found guilty of robbery, mostly by force using a dagger in broad daylight. That’s according to Ali Alghasi, the Chief of Tehran province’s Justice Department.

The man has been identified as Habibollahi and is said to be an Afghan national.

He was arrested after footage went viral showing him snatching a female driver’s cellphone by force on Tehran’s Nyayesh Highway during a traffic jam while threatening her with a dagger.

In the video, the man is brandishing a dagger and threatening to kill the driver, a young woman, if she does not give him her cell phone.

She and several other victims also attended the court sessions and described how the man had robbed them of their belongings.

The latest victim said Habibollahi damaged her car after taking her cell phone.

The man has confessed to 100 counts of robberies.

Alghasi also said judicial investigations into such cases happen out of turn and in a decisive manner.

The Iranian Judiciary has promised to harshly crack down on those who cause insecurity in society by committing such crimes.

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