Qalibaf Slams Rouhani’s Gov’t for Importing Apparel from Italy

Qalibaf Slams Rouhani’s Gov’t for Importing Apparel from Italy

Iranian presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf harshly criticized Rouhani’s education minister for his links with the import of an apparel cargo from Italy, saying such imports harm the country’s economy.

In response to a question about his plans on education and science growth in the second presidential debate on Friday, Qalibaf referred to a ‘dubious’ apparel cargo discovered in a house belonging to Rouhani’s education minister, and said such unnecessary imports will harm the country’s economy.

In reaction to Qalibaf, Es’haq Jahangiri said the imported goods belonged to the education minister’s daughter, who was unemployed and spent only 200 million tomans [around $53,000] for legally importing the clothing from Italy.

However, Qalibaf noted that other Iranian people who are unemployed are not capable of doing such business, and the move by the country’s education minister will have dire consequences.

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