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Pregnant Iranian Nurse Dies of Coronavirus before Seeing Her Baby

The novel coronavirus has led to the death of a pregnant Iranian nurse before she delivered her baby.

The devoted nurse left her infant alone before savouring the taste of being a mother, said the Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei in a note marking the death of Mahshid Goodarz, the pregnant nurse who worked at Tehran’s Loqman Hospital.

“Deaths caused by coronavirus are bitterer than mortalities caused by other types of diseases. Coronavirus deaths are associated with lingering bitterness, loneliness, shock and disbelief,” he said.

“Maybe a definitive cure is found for this disease in the not-too-distant future, but economists say the economic fallout from COVID-19 will linger on for seven years.

However, the psychological and social repercussions of coronavirus will remain not only for seven years, but for the generations to come.”

“Tragic accounts will be recited and many stories will be written, one of which is the story of Mahshid, the pregnant nurse who lost her life to the killer virus,” Rabiei said.

“This devoted nurse was, above all, a woman and a mother with full love for her baby.

Maybe when she began to rest while tired from the arduous task of taking care of coronavirus patients, she would, in her dream, write a letter to her unborn baby and would tell her baby stories about the bitter grief caused to her by seeing the sufferings of coronavirus patients and her efforts to save them,” he added.

“Mahshid departed this life, and her memory was left behind as a health hero in the minds of society,” he noted.

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