Kerman police seize 512 Kg of narcotics in surprise operation

Narcotics Seized by Police in Iran

Acting on a tip-off about a haul of narcotics, in a surprise operation police seized 512 kg of opium and arrested a drug trafficker.

The commander of Kerman Police Force said on Monday that provincial police launched a surprise operation in which 512 kilograms of narcotics was seized and a drug trafficker was arrested.

‘Officers of Rayen District of Kerman Police Headquarters carried out an operation upon a tip-off about the transfer of a large haul of narcotics from Jiroft to Kerman,’ said Brigadier-General Abdolali Ravanbakhsh.

He said that the police officers set up checkpoints along the probable routes, and undercover agents kept an eye on the desert areas in the region until Sunday night.

He said that the police officers ordered a suspected van’s driver to stop, he did not heed and fled the scene, but to no avail. The police eventually caught and arrested him.

Brigadier-General Ravanbakhsh said that 52 bags of opium, weighing 512 kilograms were seized.

He said that the seized narcotics and the arrested trafficker were handed over to judiciary officials.

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