IRGC Official Calls Iron Dome “Serious Threat” to Israel

Ramezan Sharif
Head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Public Relations Department General Ramezan Sharif said the recent blunder in Israel showed that Iron Dome is an inefficient and dangerous air defense missile system threatening its owners.

Speaking to FNA on Tuesday, General Sharif pointed to Israel’s unsuccessful test as well as the yesterday malfunctioning of Iron Dome, and said, “This showed that Iron Dome is not only unable to provide security for the (Israeli) occupiers, but the system itself poses a serious threat to the Zionists.”

He reiterated that the Iron Dome is an inefficient and weak system, and said, “The recent test once again proved the dome’s weakness.”

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, a senior Iranian legislator underlined that the recent fiasco in Israel showed that Tel Aviv’s claims about its Iron Dome missile system are merely a military bluff to distract the attention of the regional countries from its weaknesses.

“The Zionist regime makes such comments in order to weaken its opponents and enemies, but Hezbollah forces have no fear of such bluster,” rapporteur of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini said.

He underlined that the hollowness of the claims by Tel Aviv about its military might has been established for the region.

On Tuesday, Israel’s Iron Dome missile system “accidentally” fired interceptor rockets into the Red Sea resort city of Eilat in Southern Negev.

Eilat residents were panicked early on Tuesday morning following a series of explosions that also sent Israeli forces scrambling to find the source of the booms.

The Israeli army initially presumed that a rocket attack had occurred in the area.

Initial reports said three Grad rockets were fired at the resort town. They claimed two of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome while the third one exploded in an open area.

However, the army later claimed that the attacks were really a false alarm caused by an error at the Iron Dome site near the city.

An army spokesperson said the explosions were caused by two Iron Dome anti-missile projectiles accidentally fired at around 7:30 am local time (0530 GMT).

There were no immediate reports of casualties from the incident.

Israeli media reports said an airplane preparing to land in the city was also forced to circle during the false alarm until the incident was resolved.

Eilat, which sits just a few kilometers from the border with Egypt, is sporadically targeted by militants in the Sinai region.

The Iron Dome has been established with the financial support of the United States. In May, 2012, the US House of Representatives appropriated 947 million dollars to the Iron Dome, nicknamed “David’s Sling,” and a long-range Arrow missile program in Israel.

Farsnews agency

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