Monday, March 4, 2024

IRGC Commander Declares End of Sedition in Iran

IRGC Chief-Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari says the plot hatched by the enemies of the Islamic Republic to create sedition in Iran has been completely foiled.

Speaking on Wednesday in Tehran, General Jafari touched upon enemy plots to provoke chaos and riots in the country in recent days and noted the days of “sedition” are over.

He said one of the key objectives of the seditionists and their masters in the recent riots was to get some people killed and then blame the government for it.

“Our security system’s readiness and people’s vigilance made the enemy taste yet another defeat,” he noted.

The commander then touched upon social media as a contributor to the recent riots, and the restrictions imposed on them later on to inhibit seditionists’ moves.

“A lack of control over the cyberspace, which is managed from outside the country, and the officials’ failure to control it further fuelled the riots; however, when the virtual world (social media) were controlled [by relevant authorities in Iran] the riots decreased,” he said.

He further noted that it is God Almighty’s promise that sedition and hardships are followed by promising says.

“The enemies know that they cannot threaten the Islamic Republic of Iran in the defense domain, whatsoever,” said the top commander, adding that the enemies’ security threats against the country are not effective.

“They have spent all their assets following the Holy Defence era (the period of the Iraqi imposed war on Iran in the 1980s) to carry out their cultural, economic and security threats against Islamic Iran, and, By God’s grace, they will undoubtedly be defeated,” General Jafari underlined.

“When a nation is victorious in a region gripped by tension and chaos, and when this nation rejects the United States’ domination and does not care about America’s cronies which are in the pay of Washington, and when it stands by the oppressed and against oppressors, it is natural that it will be threatened. Such threats have always been there, and we need to remain vigilant,” he said.

He noted that the Iranian people’s power, patience and vigilance have always brought days of victory for them.

“Let the enemies and the ones who are in their pay such as the Al Saud [regime] shout and call us names, but they know that our path and objective have been fruitful in the world,” the commander underscored.

He said the US, Zionists and Al Saud rulers have ordered ISIS terrorists to enter Iran, adding some of the terror group’s advance teams have entered Iran to set off explosions and conduct acts of sabotage.

“The criminal group’s advance elements are completely under control now, and we dare the terror group’s weak forces to cross the borders of Islamic Iran,” he noted.

He touched upon the United States, the West and Zionists’ false friendship with Iranian people and their collusion with seditionists, and added, “If these liars really cared about Iranian people, they would have never imposed sanctions on them.”

“Some people feel that friendship with the US will improve the economic situation, but they should look at countries such as Egypt, which sacrificed everything it had for friendship with the United States,” commander Jafari said.

He then warned against compromising with the enemy, saying such a move would be costly.

“Today, the enemy’s policies in the region have failed, and all it can do is to create insecurity in Iran. People and officials should know that the cost of compromising with the enemy would be much higher than the cost of resistance,” the top general stressed.


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