Iran’s Underground River to Help Ease Water Problems

Water Crisis

A lawmaker says Iran’s energy ministry and vice presidency for science and technology are carrying out a project in Iran’s south-eastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan to ease the region’s water problems using an underground river.

Under the project, a deep well is being dug so the local people could exploit an underground river holding up to 100 billion cubic meters of water, Habibollah Dehmardeh told Fars News Agency on Sunday.

The province is one of the most water-scarce regions in Iran, which has for years been gripping with water problems.

The country’s water supplies depend heavily on underground resources, but these are drying out at alarming rates
According to Energy Ministry statistics, Iran gets only about 242mm of rain each year, about a third of the global average, and 75% of it falls on only 25% of its area.

A separate project to transfer water from the Persian Gulf to Iran’s central provinces is due to be completed by next year.

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