Thursday, February 2, 2023

Iran’s Newest Satellite Prepared for Launch Using Homegrown Carrier

A spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Defence says the homegrown Zafar (Victory) satellite and the Simorgh satellite carrier have been transferred to the Imam Khomeini National Space Centre in preparation for the launch process.

Hosseini, the spokesperson for the space sector of the Iranian Defence Ministry, says the infrastructures of the space centre have been prepared for the launch after the necessary operations.

“200 main processes have been carried out by 30 teams and the necessary communications have been established with six provinces for the operation.”

The Zafar satellite and the Simorgh satellite carrier are part of a research project, he added, explaining, “The nature of the research and technological projects is such that this process includes a plan, and the steps in the process are taken according to planning, and on the basis of the results produced at each step and the analysis of the data and the results, the necessary decisions about the rest of the work would be made.”

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“As soon as all conditions are set, the launch operation will be carried out,” Hosseini added.

“The process of launching the Zafar satellite with the Simorgh satellite carrier has complicated conditions due to the testing of new technologies,” he added.

“What matters in performing such project is collecting data and conducting the analyses step by step, so that our scientists could analyze the collected data to take the next steps for the future projects,” he stated.

The spokesman finally noted that a successful launch of the satellite will mark an important achievement, expressing hope that it would result in achieving the main purpose, which is placing the satellite into the orbit successfully.

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