Iranian, Russian Hi-Tech Companies Discuss Business Cooperation in Moscow

Iranian and Russian knowledge-based companies have held a business meeting in Moscow to discuss possible technology trade and develop the market for Iranian-made products in Russia.

The meeting was held between representatives of 30 Iranian companies and their Russian counterparts to seal and confirm the previous agreements and to pave the ground for their future cooperation.

The first joint meeting between the Iranian and Russian knowledge-based companies had been held in 2019, chaired by Sorena Sattari, the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology.

These meetings had significant achievements for both sides and increased their trade and technological interactions.

Bilateral and face-to-face meetings between Iranian and Russian companies are held with the aim of boosting scientific cooperation and familiarising the two countries with the technological capabilities of each other.

Over the years, a good platform has emerged in the field of bilateral export, especially the knowledge-based companies that need special literature to develop their exports.

30 Iranian knowledge-based companies are in Russia to present their achievements on the sidelines of their visit to the MAKS 2021 exhibition. The delegation was deployed with the support of the International Centre for Science and Technology Interactions of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology.

These companies are also expanding the market for their products and services by attending business and technology meetings with their Russian partners.

The team is representing companies in the fields of “advanced equipment and machinery”, “advanced materials”, “health” and “electricity and electronics”.




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