Saturday, January 22, 2022

Iranian People Urged to Avoid Travelling during Nowruz Holidays amid Pandemic

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The Iranian president has called on people to avoid travelling during the Persian New Year holidays to help contain the spread of coronavirus.

President Hassan Rouhani said it would be forbidden to make trips to cities marked as “red” and “orange” in terms of the prevalence of COVID-19.

“We request people to avoid travelling during Nowruz holidays to protect their own health,” he said.

“It will be forbidden to travel to red and orange towns and cities,” he said.

“No one should make any plans to travel to these cities,” he stressed.

The president said the tolerance of the country’s health system “has a limit,” urging the public to cooperate when it comes to observing health protocols.

“The start of the vaccination drive in the country should not lead to people considering the situation as normal,” he said.

President Rouhani also complained that foreign vaccines are not distributed among countries fairly.

He also called for a change of lifestyle given that there have been numerous mutations in coronavirus.

“The coronavirus-style of living should continue for at least one year from now due to the many mutations of the virus,” said the president.

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