Saturday, February 24, 2024

Iranian official: Court has yet to issue verdict for French nationals accused of spying

A spokesman for Iran’s Judiciary says judicial authorities have not yet issued a verdict in the case of two French defendants on trial for allegedly instigating unrest in the Islamic Republic.

Masoud Setayeshi said the two have been indicted over alleged espionage and conspiracy against national security.

One of the French nationals confessed to officials that they were in Iran to incite a revolution that would bring down the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The two French citizens were arrested several weeks ago during unrest and deadly riots in parts of Iran.

Setayeshi also spoke about a Belgian national in custody in Iran on espionage charges, saying he has also been indicted.

He then turned to the Shah Cheragh terrorist attack in Shiraz, saying 16 people have been charged in connection with the act of terrorism.

Setayeshi added that five of those indicted face charges of fight against God, spreading corruption on earth and membership in the Daesh terrorist group.

He stressed that one of the five people is from Tajikistan and the other four are nationals of Afghanistan.

The Shah Cheragh attack inside a shrine of the same name in the city of Shiraz left over a dozen people dead and many more injured.

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