Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Iranian MP: European troika in a message acknowledged Iran is a regional power

The vice chairman of the Iranian parliament’s national security commission says the European troika has sent a message to Iran recently and, as a result, the road has been paved for the victory of the Iranian people.

Abbas Moghtadaei said in their message, the three European countries, namely Britain, France and Germany acknowledged that Iran is a powerful regional country. The lawmaker said they sent the message after the West failed to gain what they sought from the recent unrest and riots in Iran.

He said the rioters acted as a tool in the hands of those who sought to push the aims of foreigners in Iran.

Referring to the JCPOA revival talks, Moghtadaei said Iran is rational and it never walked away from the negotiating table.

The MP noted that those who violated the nuclear deal left the talks but Iran will not surrender. Moghtadaei also said the Western sides must know that they can only talk with Iran by respecting the country, not through intimidation and pressure.

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