Thursday, February 22, 2024

Iranian dubbing artist dies, aged 75

Iranian veteran dubbing artist Shahlad Nazerian has died of a heart attack in Tehran.

Nazerian was the wife of another great name in the Iranian dubbing art, late Hossein Erfani. Their daughter Mahsa Erfani confirmed her mother’s death, adding a funeral will be held for the late artist on Wednesday in Tehran’s Beheshte Zahra cemetery.

Nazerian dubbed many famous Iranian and foreign actresses during her professional career including Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall, Sofia Loren, Diane Hall Keaton, Raquel Welch, Ann-Margret Olsson, Elizabeth Taylor, Sylva Koscina, and many others.

A memorable work of hers was her dubbing of Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

Nazerian also acted in the theater and also starred in TV series like “This house is Far Away” and “The Story of A City” as well as movies including “Naïve”, “Feather for Flying” and “Good Night, Stranger”.

Nazerian was 75 when she died.

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