Sunday, April 21, 2024

Iran Summons Swiss Envoy to Protest US Allegation of Meddling in Election

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has summoned Switzerland’s ambassador to Tehran in protest at the “baseless” allegations of foreign meddling in the upcoming US presidential elections raised by American officials.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Saeed Khatibzadeh announced that the Swiss ambassador to Tehran has been summoned by the assistant to Iranian Foreign Minister and Director-General for Americas at the Foreign Ministry on Thursday morning after the US regime’s officials raised baseless allegations that other countries are meddling in the upcoming US presidential election.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran rejects the repetitive claims and the fabricated, amateurish and deceitful reports from the US regime’s officials, stressing once again that it makes no difference to Tehran which of the two candidates would reach the White House,” he added.

“The US regime and that country’s intelligence and security services, which have a long record of interference and creating chaos in the elections of other countries and are also imprisoned in their delusional and deceitful world, are raising a groundless claim ahead of the elections in that country in order to carry out their undemocratic project and predefined scenario by pinning the blame on the others,” Khatibzadeh deplored.

“It is not unlikely that masterminds of such childish scenarios are seeking to distract the attention and public opinion and foment suspicious provocations ahead of the elections,” the Iranian spokesperson noted.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran advises the United States to abandon the futile attempts to put the blame on others, the baseless accusations, and the creation of suspicious scenarios, and to try to behave like a normal state at the level of international relations and in relations with the other countries,” Khatibzadeh added.

His remarks came after Director of US National Intelligence John Ratcliffe alleged that Iran and Russia had obtained voter registration information in an attempt to undermine confidence in the US presidential election.

Speaking at a news conference at the FBI headquarters, Ratcliffe claimed that Iran was separately behind a series of threatening emails that were found to be sent this week to Democratic voters, which he said were “designed to intimidate voters, incite social unrest and damage” US President Donald Trump.

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