Monday, January 30, 2023

Iran Develops Software to Stop WannaCry Ransomware

Iranian experts have developed a security software which is capable of identifying and removing the dangerous “WannaCry” mal ware that has infected hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 100 countries around the world.

While the massive attack of the “WannaCry” ransomware has infected computers in more than 100 countries, causing a host of problems for internet usersand paralyzing many centres, an anti-ransomware software titled “Padvish”, designed and developed by Iranian experts, has managed to successfully identify the malicious ransomware and stop its attacks on computers.

According  to IFP, the “WannaCry” virus spreads among computers running on Microsoft Windows operating systems, infecting and then locking individual machines and encrypting all the files and data stored on them. Affected users receive an electronic message demanding a ransom to be paid in the electronic currency called Bitcoin. Unless the money is paid, victims cannot gain access to the encrypted files and data on their computer.

While many cyber-security companies are working and putting forward solutions to counter the ransomware, the Iranian antivirus software has successfully managed to catch the “WannaCry” virus and prevent it from infecting computers. In addition to identifying and neutralizing the “WannaCry” virus, the Iranian security software can stop attacks by other types of ransomwares on computers.

Iran Telecommunication Research Centre, in cooperation withan Iranian knowledge-based company, has developed “Padvish”, using the expertise of dozens of the country’s young experts and elites. In 2016, an upgraded commercial and home edition of the software was released.

According to a report by Financial Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently blamed the US intelligence services for the “WannaCry” virus that affected tens of thousands of computers worldwide last week.

Putin also called on the world leaders to sign a legal MoU on cyber-security with countries such as Russia, which was rejected by Barack Obama’s White House last year.

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