Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Iran Says Can’t Be Left Alone in Standing against Trump

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi says those who are in favour of rationality and are interested in preserving the Iran nuclear deal must know that the Islamic Republic cannot be the only side paying the price of something which is to the benefit of the whole world.

Qassemi made the remarks in a Wednesday interview with the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA).

He said hardliners in the US and the Zionist lobbies are angry with the European countries and other states, because they did not support their policies against Iran, but Europe needs to be more vigilant.

“We call on Europe to be more vigilant than ever, more precise and more aware of the actions taken by those who want to mar the ties, because today political relations between Iran and Europe and the countries of the region foil all their plots,” Qassemi said.

Asked about the efforts made by Europe to salvage the Iran nuclear deal ahead of the re-imposition of US Sanctions on November 4, Qassemi said the talks between Iran and the other remaining members of the 2015 nuclear accord have been fruitful, and major steps have been taken in this regard.

“As the Islamic Republic has repeatedly stated, the US never completely stopped its economic sanctions against Iran. However, after the nuclear deal and Donald Trump’s ascent to power with his selfish and unilateral thoughts, he prevented the full implementation of the agreements whose benefits were to be enjoyed by Iran,” he noted in an interview with ISNA.

“After the unilateral withdrawal of Washington from the nuclear accord, the president of the United States has done his utmost to reinstate unilateral, transnational, and unlawful sanctions against Iran. So far, he has not given up any attempt to harm Iran and other independent countries of the world as well as European and non-European companies.”


Trump’s Threat to Boycott EU Firms Insult to Entire World

The Iranian official noted that Donald Trump’s threats to impose sanctions on non-American companies of the world are an insult not only to these companies, but to all countries of the world.

He maintained that the US administration has shown its bad faith to the world by violating the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 and all the well-known global standards.

The US administration has shown that it is not loyal to its global commitments as it was proved when Washington violated UNSC Resolution 2231, added Qassemi.

He emphasised that despite the unilateral propaganda of certain countries of the region and US allies in the Middle East, Iran has remained committed to the nuclear deal despite the withdrawal of the United States.

The Islamic Republic has paid a lot for the fight against terrorism, extremism and terrorist groups, especially ISIS as well as other groups such as al-Qaeda and the Taliban. All these have been carried out to maintain peace and stability in the region and to prevent the growth of terrorist groups and Takfiris, reiterated Qassemi.

Referring to the assistance provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Iraqi and Syrian governments on combating terrorism, the Iranian official underscored that “Iran, without any pre-conditions, modestly helped all the regional governments which were threatened by terrorism; the countries that were on the verge of disintegration and loss of land and sovereignty.”


Iran Has Least Military Spending

While Iran has the least military spending among major regional states, some countries in the Middle East are major buyers of arms, he noted.

“Another regime in the region, which is an ally of the United States, has attacked the Yemenis killing innocent people with expensive state-of-the-art arms purchased from the US and some European states. This comes as Washington and its allies claim the Islamic Republic helps the oppressed Yemeni people in their resistance. One day we see some Arab states of the region are complaining about the export of the Iranian Revolution, and the other day they express their fear of Iranian democracy.”

Referring to the opportunity that Iran has given the P 4+1 to provide mechanisms for Iran to enjoy the benefits of nuclear deal, he explained Tehran, not necessarily for this reason, but for its logical reasons and its international commitments, as well as its cultural teachings and attitudes, has so far been waiting for this mechanism by Europe.


No New Trick Left for US to Use against Iran

“The United States has used all its tricks against Iran, and its regional allies have been fully using their money over the past months to undermine the image and economy of Iran. However, Iran based on its experiences, knows how to defeat an enemy.”

The senior Iranian official stated that “if we consider Trump as a businessman of a particular kind, at least his advisers, who do not know Iran, the Iranians and the regional developments, would finally put the US president in trouble.”

As the new round of US sanction will hit Iran on November 4, Qassemi stressed that there is no remaining means left for the US to use against Iran and those who are unaware of history, geography, ethnology, and developments of the region would be defeated.

Iran is not committed to fulfilling all its international, moral and historical obligations while the US violates the world’s fundamental principles. However, it seems that the talks between Iran and remaining members of the JCPOA and the European Union have been fruitful, and major steps have been taken in this regard, said Qassemi.


Access to Food, Medicine under Sanctions

He told ISNA that in accordance with international standards and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision, the US cannot prevent the export of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food and agricultural items and airplane parts to Iran.

“We have the ability to purchase all of them under sanctions, but the world should teach Washington that the era of unilateralism is over.”

After the withdrawal from the JCPOA, the United States did not expect that only a few notorious regional states would support its decisions, underlined Qassemi.

Qassemi also pointed to Trump’s recent criticisms of Saudi Arabia, and said, “Today, it seems that Trump has somehow faced the realities, and has understood he is paying a heavy price for his support for dictators. In this context, he wants to moderate his positions and, in spite of all the pressures, he has moved in this direction to some extent.”

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