Saturday, November 26, 2022

Over 700 Expat Iranian Researchers Back Home

The Iranian government says 710 Iranian researchers and experts, who were living abroad, have returned to the country and started cooperation in scientific and technological fields in the past few years.

Iran’s Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology declared these expatriate researchers are from top universities across the world who have set up several technology companies inside Iran.

Their return has been facilitated by the Iranian government’s successful program called ‘Cooperation with Non-resident Experts and Scientists’, according to the vice-presidency, as cited in a Farsi report by Mehr.

“In order to form an appropriate infrastructure with the aim of using the scientific and technological capacity of expat Iranian specialists in various fields, we have promoted cooperation with more than 40 universities, research institutes and prominent domestic science and technology centres since a few years ago,” the vice-presidency announced.

The body stressed that the collaboration has led to return of 710 Iranian researchers and experts from top universities across the world to the country in the past 28 months.

“The majority of these people are back from universities in US, Canada and European countries.  They are working on various collaborative models including post doctorate, specialized duty service, faculty recruitment, knowledge-based companies and guest lecturers.”

“The number is expected to increase due to the relative success of the project and the credibility it is gaining among Iranian expats and the leading science and technology centres inside the country,” it added.

“A short while after the implementation of this project, more than 40 technology companies have been set up by these individuals in various fields. It has also led to creation of job for a large number of talented Iranian university students and graduates,” the vice-presidency stated.

According to the scientific body, as a result of collaboration with these experts, a number of laboratories and growth centres have been established in universities and the new products have been registered with US and European patent.

“The continuation of this process will lead to the improvement of the quality of domestic science and technology centres and at the same time will boost the international communications of these centers with universities and institutes in which these Iranian experts have been working.”

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