Iran Releases Russian Journalist Yulia Yuzik

Russian journalist, Yulia Yuzik
Russian journalist, Yulia Yuzik

Iran has released the Russian journalist, Yulia Yuzik, who had been detained for “a visa violation”, said the Russian embassy in Tehran.

“As a result of joint efforts by the Russian Foreign Ministry and its embassy in Tehran, Iran decided to release Yulia Yuzik, the Russian journalist detained in Tehran,” the Russian embassy said in a tweet on Thursday.

“She left Tehran for Russia on Thursday, October 10, with an Aeroflot flight,” the embassy added.

A press officer at the Russian embassy later told Tass that Yuzik was “feeling well” after her release.

Iran’s Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei had earlier announced that the journalist’s case was undergoing “quick review”.

“Her case was a matter of visa violation and it was not related to espionage,” said Rabiei on Monday, dismissing her ex-husband’s claim that the journalist was detained on charge of spying for Israel.

Iran had earlier announced that it would soon release the Russian journalist.

“Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov summoned Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Sanaei to the Russian Foreign Ministry on October 4 to demand clarification on the circumstances for the detention of Russian citizen Yuzik in Tehran. Sanaei confirmed that Yuzik had been detained by law enforcement agencies to give explanations on a number of issues, and will soon be released,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry had summoned the Iranian ambassador on Friday over Yuzik’s detention and the Kremlin said on Monday it hoped Yuzik would be released soon.

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