Thursday, April 18, 2024

Iran announces new sanctions on EU and Britain

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has in a statement announced sanctions against some individuals and entities in France and Britain as well as some European lawmakers.

The statement said that as part of a response in kind, the Iranian Foreign Ministry imposes sanctions on the individuals and entities due to their deliberate actions in inciting terrorism and violence against the Iranian people, spreading lies and participating in oppressive sanctions against the Iranian nation that amount to economic terrorism.

Those targeted include 3 entities in France and one in Britain as well as 30 individuals from the two countries and the European parliament.

Paris’s Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Britain’s Prosecutor General Victoria Prentis are among individuals sanctioned.

The entities sanctioned include the pro-Israeli lobby in the European parliament known as European Friends of Israel.

The sanctions involve a ban on visa and on their entry into the Islamic Republic of Iran, and confiscation of any of their properties in areas under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic.

All the entities of Iran shall take due actions to enforce the sanctions.

Iran has already placed sanctions on many European individuals and entities. The new bans came after the EU and Britain imposed new sanctions on Iran over the recent unrest abd deadly riots in the Islamic Republic.

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