Thursday, June 13, 2024

Iran Health official: Some 30k visiting hospitals daily for respiratory complications

An Iranian health official says around 30,000 patients are currently visiting hospitals countrywide on a daily basis to seek medical care for respiratory complications, more than half of whom are diagnosed with influenza.

Deputy Health Minister Saeed Karimi told ISNA that the new wave of infections with influenza, triggered by the previously-known H1N1, A, H3N2 variants, had now reached a peak in the country.

Explaining the reason behind the sudden flu outbreak, he said infections with the disease had seen a sharp decline in the past three years amid the coronavirus pandemic, which prompted people to wear masks as a precaution.

The official said strict adherence to the health protocols over the past few years had contained the spread of flu as well, thus weakening the public’s immunity against the virus.

With a let-up in the coronavirus pandemic, many are no longer wearing masks, a situation that enabled the flu virus to begin circulation again, he added.

Out of the over 30,000 people who visit health facilities daily, about 1,200 get hospitalized, over 50 percent of whom are diagnosed with flue, while only 10 percent are infected with Covid-19, he said.

Karimi also advised those categorized in high-risk health groups, including the elderly and patients suffering from rare diseases, to receive vaccines against both influence and coronavirus.

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