Iran Gov’t Vows People’s Essential Needs Produced, Supplied with No Delay

Iran Gov't Vows People's Essential Needs Produced, Supplied with No Delay

Iran’s deputy industry minister says the production, supply, and distribution of the people’s urgent needs, especially those related to the COVID-19 disease will not be interrupted with the beginning of efforts to clear the streets.

Hossein Modarres Khiabani says in the past few days, due to the measures taken and the proper supply of all kinds of goods, fortunately there was no problem in providing people’s basic needs.

He stressed that this process will certainly continue.

“People must not be worried about production of these items, and also their availability and delivery. The fruit and vegetable markets have even been urged to minimise their New Year vacations.”

“Considering the current conditions, we have also called on all detergent, mask and disinfection factories as well as all public supply centres and stores to work uninterruptedly during Nowruz holidays.”

As regards alcohol, he said, the priority has so far been given to hospitals and medical centres.

Last week, it was decided to provide 130,000 litres of alcohol to 22 detergent-prodcution units to specifically produce disinfectants and gels and supply them to pharmacies for public consumption. Pharmacies are now in a much better situation in terms of delivering these products.


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