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Iran condemns G7 statement, reaffirms cooperation with IAEA, voices opposition to Ukraine war

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has condemned the accusations made in a statement of the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven against the Islamic Republic of Iran as baseless and meddlesome.

The Foreign Ministry described the G7 statement as implying the unilateral approach of western parties who violate regional and international peace, stability and security and are trying to impose the group’s will on independent nations and multilateral frameworks.

The statement says it is regrettable that the member states of G7 have leveled unfounded allegations against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program instead of holding the United States accountable for its clear violation of international law due to its unjustified and unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA, its violation of Security Council Resolution 2231, and its imposition of inhumane sanctions on the Iranian nation, which constitute a crime against humanity as they have had an irreparable impact on the fundamental rights of the Iranian nation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran also voiced its determination to continue technical and constructive cooperation and interactions with the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, within the framework of the NPT and the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement.

The foreign ministry also reaffirmed Iran’s determination to continue a constructive and responsible approach to resume and finalize the Vienna talks, aimed at revitalizing the Iran nuclear deal, based on the agreed criteria contained in the draft of the negotiations.

The statement adds, “We remind the foreign ministers of Group 7 that they owe the security of navigation in the important waterways of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz in the past decades to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s responsible approach. Leveling accusations against Iran is just an irresponsible blame-game to justify the disruptive and destabilizing nature of the US military presence in the region.”

While repeating its opposition to the Ukraine war, the Islamic Republic of Iran underlined the need for an immediate ceasefire and settlement of differences through political talks, reaffirming its respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“The Islamic Republic has repeatedly stressed that it has not and will not provide any arms to a warring side against the other.”

The statement also says, “While the international community is witnessing crimes being committed by the child-killing Zionist regime in Palestine and flagrant desecration of holy books and the beliefs of more than one billion Muslims in some European countries, the approach adopted by western governments in this regard is utterly hypocritical.”

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