Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Iranian experts warn flu posing greater risk this year amid lax Covid measures

Iranian healthcare experts have raised the alarm over a widespread breakout of influenza this year in Iran as the cold season is about to set in, Hamshahri newspaper wrote on Monday.

According to statistics, in some Iranian provinces the cases of infection with flue have surpassed Covid-19, with a significant rise in the number of people with flu symptoms, including fever, headache, cough, lethargy and nausea, during the past two weeks.

Hamshahri also warned lack of medicine due to the US-speared sanctions has complicated the situation for patients, with some pharmacists confirming a threefold surge in the prices for antibiotics.

Infectious diseases specialists have also warned that as Iran is fighting to keep the receding numbers of the coronavirus cases and fatalities down, a simultaneous uptick in Covid-19 and influenza in the fall and winter is likely.

They say during the past two or three years, people were wearing masks due to the fear of Covid-19, so respiratory infections such as flue did not spread, but this year, almost everyone has removed their masks.

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