Iran Develops Resistant Anti-Bacterial Nano-Paint

Iran Develops Resistant Anti-Bacterial Nano-Paint

Researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company have found the formula to produce a nano-paint that could stop the growth of mold and fungi.

Yousef Amrollahi, the CEO of the firm, said the paint could especially be useful in Iran’s northern cities where humidity and temperatures are high, which creates an ideal condition for mold and fungi to grow.

“Fungi and mold easily grow in specific conditions, which creates bad smell in indoor spaces. So, using anti-bacterial nano-paint could prevent the growth of these organisms,” he said.

He said some 8 tonnes of nano-paint is produced and sold every month.
He said the newly developed paint is more resistant than the conventional anti-bacterial nano-paint.

“The new nano-paint is highly resistant to oxidation as well,” he said.

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