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The latest news and views about nanotechnology and Iran’s achievements in this field – Nanotechnology (News) in Iran

Iran’s Oil Revenues Must Be Invested in High-Tech Industries: Rouhani

The Iranian president has called for more investment in the country’s high-tech industries, including the nanotechnology sector.

Iran Exporting Microtubule Inhibitor Used for Cancer Treatment

An Iranian knowledge-based company has produced a microtubule inhibitor used for treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer and pancreatic cancer, and is exporting it to international markets.

Iran Develops Resistant Anti-Bacterial Nano-Paint

Researchers at an Iranian knowledge-based company have found the formula to produce a nano-paint that could stop the growth of mold and fungi.

Iran Unveils New System for Real-Time Diagnosis of Coronavirus Infection

Iran's Nanotechnology Innovation Council has unveiled a new system for the real-time diagnosis of the novel coronavirus, which detects the intensity of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in one's sputum sample.

Iran Exports 20% of Domestically-Produced Nano-Products

An official says export of a whole range of homegrown products makes up a fifth of Iran’s nano-economy.

Iranian Scientists Develop Anti-Corrosion Nano Coatings

Researchers at an Iranian technological company have developed homegrown anti-corrosion nano-coatings that used to be imported from the Netherlands and Germany earlier.

Researchers Devise Sensor to Detect Cancerous Cells Using Nanotech

Iranian scientists at Sharif University of Technology have designed a sensor to detect cancerous cells in medical diagnostic laboratories and research centres.

Iranian Company Develops Nanofiber Masks

An Iranian company has developed a homegrown technology to produce a special fabric with nanocoating to manufacture N95 and N99 masks and fulfill the...

Iran to Produce 15 Million Nano-Masks amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Secretary of the Nanotechnology Headquarters of Iran says an agreement has been reached to produce 15 million N94 and N99 nano-masks in collaboration with the ministry of health and two manufacturing companies in the country.

Tehran University to Host Int’l Nanotechnology Conference

The International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology will be held on March 14, 2020 at the University of Tehran.