Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Researchers Develop Nano-Paste to Stop Bleeding

A knowledge-based company in Iran has produced a blood-stopping paste using nanotechnology.

Thanks to its antimicrobial activity, this product can prevent bleeding with high efficiency and stop bleeding in less than a minute.

The company has produced the paste using nano-hydroxyapatite. “One of the benefits of this product is the use of nanostructured carbonate nano-hydroxyapatite,” said Maliheh Baqeri, a researcher at the project, adding that “the structure of the paste is based on nanohydroxyapatite and bioglass.”

“Its carbonation is very similar to the bony and dental structures of the body and is therefore very biocompatible. Also, the nanopores present in this product increase its specific surface area, which itself increases the scope of application of this material.

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“This product is licensed by the Food and Drug Organisation and is currently being purchased by a company to produce toothpaste,” she said, noting that the produced carbonate nano-hydroxyapatite powder produced has a variety of uses.

“New wound dressings, bleeding stoppers and nano-silver based disinfectants are among our knowledge-based products, and we are currently producing 80 knowledge-based products that are exported to 15 European countries,” she concluded.

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