Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Iran Develops Indigenous Smart Remote Control Systems for Homes

Iranian researchers have developed a homegrown smart system to control house appliances and devices remotely.

They have designed systems which can not only be used to ensure the security of homes, but, generally speaking, turn homes into smart houses.
It makes household chores and other domestic work easier for family members and gives them assurances about the home environment.

Majid Shamlooi is one of the researchers at a knowledge-based company who have developed the idea of designing and producing automated smart equipment for the construction industry as well as electromechanical devices. He said their job generally focuses on turning homes into smart ones.

“You will be able to control electrical devices in your home such as heating and cooling devices, TV, automatic doors and all other electrical devices through an application installed on your mobile phone,” he says.

Remote controls are usually associated with problems such as being affected by moisture, being lost and running out of charge. However, all these problems will be removed and you well have a high-security system if you get a smart remote control. You can put codes on it and give residents of your apartment block as many remote controls as needed. You can even determine the level of access for each remote control. You can install the remote system in the garage of your home. Then you will not need any remote control. Rather, all functions of remote controls can be fed into your mobile phone via an application.

You can also check the security of your home from far away. Should a burglar break into your house, the system will send you an alarm through your mobile phone.

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