Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Iran Develops Homegrown Decanter Centrifuges

A group of Iranian researchers at a knowledge-based company have developed decanter centrifuges using domestic knowhow.

Decanter centrifuges have applications in such industries as fruit juice and liquid oil production. This type of machine separates solid from liquid materials and that is why it is widely used in the water treatment and sewage sector.

By developing decanter centrifuges, the Iranian knowledge-based company has managed to set foot in international competition. According to the company’s CEO, the firm is to sign a contract with Sweden on exporting its products.

The products developed by this company are 40% cheaper compared to similar products produced by European countries and other leading producers of this product abroad.

In fact, this company has been able to domestically develop many of the products made by European and Chinese companies with reliance on expert Iranian workforce and locally developed technology.

The products are unrivalled in the Middle East and they have rivals only on the world stage.

The company imports only 20% of the materials it needs to make its products and the remaining 80% is provided by local suppliers.

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