Sunday, October 2, 2022

Iran Denies Saudis Responded to Its Oil Tanker’s Distress Call

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organisation says no maritime entity in the region responded to a request for assistance from Iranian oil tanker after it was hit by two missiles Friday.

The Sabiti, a tanker capable of carrying 1 million barrels of crude, was damaged on Friday near the Saudi port of Jeddah after being hit by suspected missiles.

Saudis later claimed they were ready to help the damaged oil tanker.
However, Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organisation has issued a statement on the claim:

1- On October 11, 2019 MT Sabiti was hit twice at 01:30 and 01:50 GMT on the Red Sea and 60 miles off the coast of Saudi Arabia (Port of Jeddah) in the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, two of the ship’s tanks were damaged, spilling the crude oil into the sea, while the ship was in unbalanced conditions.

2- The ship transmits distress calls for 16 times through three equipment between 05:11 and 07:20 GMT on the MF, HF, SAT-C and VHF channels.

While receiving no response from the maritime rescue centres in the region, again the vessel sends an e-mail to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre of Jeddah, Egypt and Sudan at 08:20 GMT to announce that it was likely attacked by two missiles and damaged. In addition, the ship diverted to the right and the cargo spilled in the sea; therefore it requested immediate assistance. Also at 05:55 GMT, Bandar Abbas Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre announces the issue via telephone to Jeddah Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, receiving a response from Jeddah saying the National Iranian Tanker Company is exaggerating, and denies receiving distress calls, but promises to review and respond again.

3- At 07:30 GMT, the Jeddah Marine Rescue Coordination Centre again declares it has no information [regarding the incident].

4- At 10:00, two helicopters flew off a warship near the vessel, and after patrols returned to the warship at 10:10.

5- In the meantime, through various means on the ship and maritime rescue centre of Bandar Abbas, necessary information was sent in accordance with international regulations to the Jeddah Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre. But unfortunately, despite the stress of international maritime regulations and the need for urgent assistance to keep balance, no action has been taken in the region. Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organisation, as the competent maritime authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran, regards this as contrary to international custom and obligations as well as humanitarian principles.

Explosions Hit Iranian Oil Tanker near Saudi Arabia


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