Sunday, January 29, 2023

Iran Blasts Saudi Foreign Minister’s Comments

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has strongly criticized the recent comments made by Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister in an interview with CNN.

“Since Saudi Arabia sees itself as the godfather of Daesh (ISIS) and the terrorist groups, it imagines that the martyrdom of commanders of the axis of resistance at the hands of the terrorist president of the US has provided security for the terrorist groups and the terrorist-nurturing governments,” the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

He also advised the Saudi foreign minister to refer to the reference books of the international law to check the subject of “right of self-defense” and observe the legal discoveries about the definition of the phrases such as the issue of right of self-defence.

“The fact that the Saudi minister of foreign affairs defines a brazen act of assassination as the right of self-defence by distorting the whole internationally-recognized laws is regrettable and deplorable. Martyr Lieutenant General Soleimani has been assassinated by the terrorist US Army on the soil of another country and without coordination with the host country (Iraq) and (the attack has been launched) against a formal guest of that country and against an official of the host country itself, yet in a civilian airport that, as confirmed by the host country, has been an action in violation of Iraq’s domestic regulations and absolutely in contravention of the unquestionable international law. The Saudi regime is an accomplice of Trump with such expression of support,” Mousavi added.
“What will result in the security of the region is the pullout of the troublesome and bullying alien forces who have been deciding the fate of certain countries,” he added.

“By entering into an alliance with Trump’s terrorist administration and the child-murdering Zionists, the Saudis have played a leading role in making the (situation in the) region critical, a clear example of which is the invasion of Yemen for several years and commitment of war crimes against the oppressed people of Yemen; the crimes that have been repeatedly acknowledged by the United Nations,” he concluded.


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