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New Herbal Medicine for Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

Derma Heal, an herbal ointment used for diabetic ulcer treatment, facilitates the removal of damaged textures in diabetic wounds and helps the patients save their legs by preventing the infection of such ulcers.

A typical person walks about 3 miles per day. Your body needs energy for walking, thinking, and doing daily activities, and this energy is supplied by eating. Sugar or glucose is the most important source of energy for the cells in human body.

Every 30 seconds, a leg is amputated due to diabetes.

If the level of glucose in one’s blood decreases, it can lead to a loss of consciousness, coma, and finally death in a few hours. However, the excessive increase of glucose in human body is more common. The excess glucose in the blood should be rapidly turned to glycogen through the secretion of a hormone called insulin. If a person’s body loses the ability to regulate the amount of blood sugar, that person suffers from diabetes.

In 1985, 30 million people in the world suffered from diabetes. The figure rose to 230 million in 2008. Currently, two people in the world develop diabetes every 10 seconds. Unhealthy diet and incorrect lifestyle have turned diabetes into a serious crisis in the world.

Diabetes is the most costly endocrine disease in the world. Today, nearly 400 million are suffering from diabetes. However, money is probably the least important thing a person diagnosed with diabetes may lose. After a while, the disease leads to low vision, blindness, and even loss of limbs.

Every day, 2880 people lose their legs, and their ability to walk is undermined for the rest of their lives … But this is not the end of the story. You can save your leg.

Until 150 years ago, there was no chemical medicine, and doctors used to prescribe medicinal herbs for their patients. Arnebia euchroma L is one of those medicinal herbs, which has been used throughout the history in healing dangerous wounds.

Thanks to the country’s ecological features and age-old history in traditional medicine and herbal remedies, grounds are prepared in Iran for conducting specialized scientific research on the treatment of various diseases through identification and production of medicinal herbs.

New Herbal Medicine for Diabetic Ulcer TreatmentDaru Darman Salafchegan Company, as a knowledge-based producer of herbal medicine in Iran, has managed to produce an herbal ointment named “Derma Heal”. “Derma Heal”, an ointment produced from the roots of Arnebia euchroma L plant, facilitates the removal of damaged textures in diabetic ulcers, and helps the new texture replace the dead ones by stimulating the production of more cells. The ointment also has considerable anti-bacterial and anti-fungal impacts, and not only prevents the infection of diabetic ulcers, but also helps the patients save their leg. Derma Heal accelerates the diabetic ulcer treatment process and also sharply reduces your costs.

The company has passed all clinical tests and obtained the required licences for the ointment at the international level. It is now prepared to sign deals with applicant companies across the world, offering its herbal products based on (up to) two-year usance contracts. Let’s join hands to change the future, so that no one would have to lose a leg because of diabetes.

New Herbal Medicine for Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

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