Monday, June 24, 2024

Health official: Influenza cases on downward trend in Iran

An Iranian health official says the rate of infections with influenza is now on a downward trend, less than two months after the annual wave of the respiratory disease started in the country.

The head of the Infectious Disease Management Center at the Health Ministry, Shahnam Arashi, explained that influenza annually infects people in three waves, the first of which usually occurs at the beginning of the autumn.

The first wave started in late October this year, reached a peak in mid-November, and is now on a downward trend, said the official, adding, “We must now be prepared for the occurrence of the second wave in February.”

In parallel, the daily number of people diagnosed with Covid-19 has also been on the decline over the past weeks.

Epidemiologists have warned, however, that cases of Covid-19 and influenza may see a rise in winter in Iran.

Dozens of deaths caused by influenza were reported during the peak of infections.

The Iranian Health Ministry announced on Saturday that three people had died of the Covid-19 over the past 24 hours. It followed almost one week of Covid zero-deaths in the country.

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