FM Blasts UAE Minister for Anti-Iran Remarks

Iran Summons German Envoy to Protest 'Meddlesome' Tweets

Recent allegations by UAE top diplomat that Iran meddles in internal affairs of some regional countries came under fire by Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

An Iranian foreign ministry official slammed the United Arab Emirates State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash for his baseless allegations about Iran’s alleged interference in the internal affairs of some Arab states.

Gargash in his recent comments claimed that Iran interferes in the internal affairs of some Arab countries, including Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

“The allegations made by the UAE state minister for foreign affairs stem from provocations and are in line with the Iranophobia scenario,” an Iranian foreign ministry official said on Tuesday.

The official underlined that Iran’s foreign policy prioritizes expansion of ties with the regional countries as before, and “its recent consultations with its neighboring countries have been in line with this outlook.”

The Islamic Republic has on numerous occasions reaffirmed its determination to establish good relations with all its neighbors, particularly the Arab countries, and emphasized the need for collective cooperation in the region to counter terror threats.



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