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FATF Accession Key to Surviving US Sanctions: Iran

If the Islamic Republic is to continue its trade exchanges with the outside world amid the harsh sanctions imposed on the country, it needs some specific work tools, one of which is the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), says Hossein Gharibi, an assistant to Iran’s foreign minister.

In an interview with Hamshahri daily, Gharibi said amid the growing US pressure, Iran must seek to keep open some small windows for cooperation with its partners.

“As a pioneering country in fight against terrorism, we can’t cut our ties with the outside world and violate its global norms. Diplomacy requires its own procedures and mechanisms,” he was quoted as saying.

Gharibi underlined that no country can remain reluctant to the international standards and added today 204 states and international organizations have already approved the FATF standards.

“Each country has its own reservations. We can meet our national interests within the accepted international norms. We should not tie the issue of the FATF to the US violation of the Iran nuclear deal,” he said.

The Iranian diplomat also said Iran won’t give any concessions to any country within the FATF and expressed hope that the related decision-making bodies could make the best decisions regarding the FATF.

Elsewhere, he said the Europeans have never raised the issue of FATF as a precondition for keeping their trade ties with the Islamic Republic despite the US pressure.

Gharibi warned of enemies’ plots to inflict further blow on Iran and said approval of the FATF provides Iran with a chance to resist further against the pressure exerted on the country.

“The FATF includes some recommendations which all states are required to observe. We are seeking to observe them with the goal of removing our current restrictions. Today, countries like China, Russia and India have all joined the global anti-money laundering body despite their sensitive security concerns,” he noted.

The remarks came after Iran’s Expediency Council postponed making decision on Iran’s FATF accession to the next Persian year (starting 21 March).

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