Sunday, June 23, 2024

Dozens diagnosed with cholera in Iran

62 cholera-infected cases have been identified in Iran, almost all of them in Western provinces and two-thirds of them male, an official with the Iranian health ministry reported.

Dr. Maryam Massoudifar, acting director of the health ministry’s Waterborne and Foodborne Diseases Office, said almost all of the patients were identified in the western provinces of Kermanshah, Kordestan, and West Azarbaijan and one case in the southern Bushehr Province, with no fatalities so far.

Dr. Massoudifar said the cases are in the age category of 30-60 years old and 75 percent of the infected are men, adding half of the patients had traveled to neighboring countries.

The majority of the cases are concentrated in the Kurdish city of Marivan bordering Iraq.

Afghanistan and Iraq have reported deadly outbreaks of the disease, raising concerns of a regional pandemic.

Cholera is caused by contaminated food or water and the infection of the intestine with the bacteria can lead to acute diarrhea.

It affects both children and adults and can be fatal if untreated.

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