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Damask Rose: A Unique Plant with Exceptional Properties

The Damask rose is one of the plants that have numerous properties used in different industries.

Iran has 22,000 hectares of land under the cultivation of the Damask rose, making the country the biggest producer of this plant in the world. The Damask rose (called Mohammadi flower in Iran) has numerous species across the world. Today, the Damask rose is used to treat different diseases due to its therapeutic effects.

The Damask rose is a well-known plant thanks to its unique beauty, lovely scent and exceptional properties. Documents suggests the origin of this plant is Iran from where the plant began other parts of the world. Today, Iran, Bulgarian, Turkey and the Netherlands are among the key producers of the Damask rose.

The flower has been planted in Iran since old times. The Damask rose is named so because it was exported from Damascus to other parts of the world in the past. Iran is also the largest producer of rosewater in the world. It is noteworthy that Iran was the biggest producer of the Damask rose essence in the world until the 16 century. The material was exported to other parts of the world as well.

The Damask rose has been used since old times and used in a variety of ways for human health. Great Iranian scientist Avicenna, who was an expert in medicine, paid due regard to the invaluable properties of the Damask rose to cure illnesses. Due to its special properties, this plant is used in different industries such as cosmetics and hygienic items, the food industry, pharmaceutics, etc.

For instance, the Damask rose tea can help lose weight due to reducing one’s appetite and its fat-burning properties. Moreover, the antioxidants and vitamins in the plant, especially the Damask rose oil, help remove skin wrinkles and cure skin allergies and inflammation.

This plant is rich in vitamin C and has anti-inflammation, anti-stress and tranquilizing properties. So, its therapeutic properties are used to treat conditions such as depression, cancer, obesity, stomach and intestine disorders and skin wrinkles, boost the immune system and menstrual pain.

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