The objectives Saudis pursue in airstrikes against Yemen

It is no longer possible to stir up insecurity in the region and buy security at home, writes Sadegh Kharrazi, a former Iranian diplomat.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

When the art of statesmanship turns the tables

An analytical report evaluates how Foreign Minister Zarif has masterfully acted as a game-changer on both regional and global stage.
Ayatollah Sistani

Grand Ayatollah: National flag must be the only flag raised across Iraq

The senior Iraqi cleric urges the government to accelerate efforts to take back the cities fallen into the hands of ISIL terrorists.
Saudi embassy

People in Tehran hold protest rally outside Saudi embassy

Demonstrators in Tehran called for the closure of the Saudi embassy in Iran and speedy punishment of those behind the sexual abuse of Iranian teens.
Seyyed Ali Ghazi Asgar

If Saudi offenders go unpunished, controlling Iranian sentiments would be difficult

The Supreme Leader’s representative for Hajj affairs says that if Saudi Arabia fails to punish those who sexually abused Iranian teens, Iran is likely to make a new decision on Hajj.

To go between nations or go beyond norms

Javan daily examines where Turkey under President Erdogan stands as conflicts are boiling over in the flashpoint Middle East region.

Iran opposes foreign meddling in all countries, including Yemen: Supreme Leader

Ayatollah Khamenei said an end to attacks on Yemen and termination of foreign interference are key to settling the crisis of this country.  

Iranian President’s Yemen message delivered to Iraqi PM

Mr. Rouhani also appealed to Iraq and international institutions to try their best to end the aggression and send humanitarian aid to the stricken country.

Official urges FM to call off Erdogan visit unless he apologizes

Hossein Mozafar said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should act more decisively and call off Erdogan’s Tehran visit unless he apologizes for what he has said.

I won’t cancel my visit on the strength of protests by Iranian MPs: Erdogan

In insulting comments, the Turkish president said Iranian MPs protesting against his comments about Iran’s role in Yemen are out of their league.