Monday, February 6, 2023

Saudi Cleric Mocked for Remarks on Adulterous Storks!

A Saudi Mufti was ridiculed after commenting on how an adulterous stork is punished by its mate, and comparing it with Islamic rules.

According to a Farsi report by Al-Alam, a Saudi Mufti was mocked after stating that the male stork kills its mate if it learns about the female’s adultery.

Abdullah al-Suwailem said on a TV show that a French scientist had obtained such a result by observing the storks’ behaviour: among these birds, the penalty for the infidelity is death, as is in Islam.

He further claimed that the French scientist has converted to Islam after this study!

“The scientist picked up a pair of the storks’ eggs, replaced them with those of a hen, and installed a camera nearby,” he explained. “After the birds came out, the male stork started to blame the female. Then other storks joined it and killed the mate.”

Following his statements, social media users called on the Saudi authorities to stop the Mufti from appearing on TV.

The “male stork kills the female on charge of adultery” hashtag has been made on Twitter, and satirical comments are posted about the cleric.

Al-Suwailem had earlier sparked controversy by claiming that in Islam, leaving one’s prayers is more sinful than incest!

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