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What helped President Assad weather the political storm in Syria

A former Iranian Foreign Ministry official has said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action has been a real help to Iran’s greater involvement in international efforts to solve regional questions.
Mohammad Javad Zarif

‎‏Iran’s principles to solve the Syrian crisis

An immediate ceasefire to end bloodshed along with coordinated international efforts to take on terrorism and extremism is the first step in settling the crisis, wrote FM Zarif in an opinion piece.

The West made a strategic mistake: promotion of a fake Islam

An Iranian expert has said that the West should present the real picture of Islam if it seeks to get rid of terror attacks and have security in its backyard.

Did Paris fall victim to a faulty trend or a decision?

If the unholy phenomenon of IS lives long, it can have a deep cultural impact on Iran's neighbors and stoke ethnic, factional and tribal tensions, Seyyed Ali Moujani said.
Aliakbar Velayati

If it weren’t for Iran, IS would have captured Baghdad and Damascus

If it wasn’t for Iran’s stance against the disintegration of Iraq and Syria, Damascus and Baghdad would have fallen by now, Velayati said.

Is Hollande to blame for Paris terrorist attacks?

The main culprit behind the massacre of innocent people in the West and East are those who used IS as a tool to serve their interests and advance their cause.

Three terror attacks, media frenzy and different reactions

An Iranian news website has analyzed the way the world media covered Paris terror attacks, questioning their scant attention to similar terrorist attacks in Lebanon and Iraq.
Paris Attacks

The rise and fall of ISIS, causes and circumstances

A renowned Arab journalist has said that Paris attacks are likely to be just the tip of an iceberg, and not a passing episode, adding that elimination of terrorism needs something more than security and military approaches.

ISIS threats to attack international targets should be taken seriously

An Iranian expert has said that ISIS has struck fear into the hearts of people in the world, adding that in the fight against ISIS the international community first needs to cut the terror group’s economic lifeline.

Iranian VP decries double standards in dealing with terrorism

Jahangiri said as part of a first phase of the overall fight against terrorism an intellectual front is being formed and scholars play an important role on that front.