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“US Human Rights Conditions in 2015” Published in Iran

To mark the “Day of Revealing American Human Rights” in Iran, the Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Council released a book on the human rights conditions of the US within the past year, an official announced.

Here’s IFP’s translation of a report by Mizan:

US Human Rights-books-2015The Deputy Head of Iran’s Human Rights Council, Kazem Gharib-Abadi, noted that the book “Human Rights Conditions in the US in 2015” has been published for the occasion of the “Day of Revealing American Human Rights”, which is set to be marked on July 2.

In a speech last year, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei highlighted the numerous crimes which were committed by the US against Iranian nationals from June 28 to July 3, and suggested that the week should be entitled the “Week of American Human Rights”.

“In this period, the true nature of American human rights was revealed in our country,” the Leader said, back on June 27, 2015. *

Accordingly, on January 11 this year, President Hassan Rouhani communicated a law designating July 2 in Iran’s calendar as the “Day of Revealing American Human Rights”.

Speaking to Mizan, Gharib-Abadi referred to the Leader’s suggestion, noting that the Human Rights Council had pursued the inclusion of such a day in the country’s national calendar, and is now releasing its first published account of the cases of human rights violations in the US on the first anniversary of the day.

“The book, which was compiled by the Human Rights Council and published by Judiciary Publication, reveals the US violations of human rights in different fields in 2015,” he said.

“The entire content of the book, which is composed in two sections of ‘reports’ and ‘news’, is gathered from the documents, reports, and news disseminated by international human rights bodies and organizations, as well as several media outlets, mostly Western ones,” Gharib-Abadi went on to say.

“The 130-page book deals with breaches of human rights in the US in various chapters, including the judiciary system and prison, torture, violence, murder, missing people, discrimination, racism, Islamophobia, genocide, women, children, labourers, and civil and social freedoms,” he added.

“The book can be used as a valid source for academics, researchers, students, and experts active in different related fields, including human rights, international rights, and international relations, in order to discover the real nature of the US and their false claims regarding human rights.”

He also said that the Iranian Council had prepared several reports and documents about the violations of human rights in other Western countries, and will publish them in due time.



* Here is the full text of Leader’s remarks about the American Human Rights:

“Take a look at the following days: tomorrow is the 7th of Tir [28th of June] when the event [terrorist bombing] of the Islamic Republic Party occurred. On the 7th of Tir of the year 1366 [28, June, 1988], [Western Iranian city of] Sardasht became the target of chemical-weapons bombardment. It was done by Saddam, but who was behind him? It was the Americans, westerners and those people who gave him chemical bombs. They showed him the green light and remained silent in the face of these grave crimes and this dreadful massacre. On the 11th of Tir [2th of July] – a few days later – Shahid Sadduqi was assassinated and the same criminals perpetrated it. On the 12th of Tir, the Airbus passenger plane was shot down over the Persian Gulf. Notice how many assassinations and massacres were carried out from the 7th to 12th of Tir [28th of June to 3rd of July]. Notice how many women, children, scholars and politicians became the target of American agents. Even if these events were not masterminded by the intelligence services of America and the west, they at least encouraged those who did. Therefore, we should know these enemies. As some friends say, it would be good if we named the period from the 7th to 12th of Tir [28th of June to 3rd of July] “The Week of American Human Rights”. In this period, the true nature of American human rights was revealed in our country.”

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