Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Iran ready to train Iraqi army: General

Commander of the elite Army Command and General Staff College Brigadier General Hossein Valivand said the Iranian military academy is ready to train Iraqi army officers.

Supreme Leader’s message is catching on with the youth

The secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council has said for the first time since the revolution that we use simple language to develop mutual understanding with the world.

World Free of Violence poster exhibition opens in Tehran

The minister of culture and Islamic guidance and the president Rouhani’s chief of staff attended an opening ceremony of a poster exhibition dubbed “World Free of Violence”.

Iran’s FM: Violence has no place in Islam, unacceptable to Muslims

“Considering the institutional capabilities of the United Nations, I tend to remain hopeful that the UN and its capacity and mechanisms can be brought to bear” on such an important issue, Zarif said.

Transfer of power to 3rd generation is Saudi Arabia’s main challenge

An expert in Saudi affairs has said that a bleak future lies ahead for Saudi Arabia and Iran-Saudi relations are not expected to take a positive turn soon.

IMF calls Iran 2nd biggest economy in ME, N. Africa, Central Asia

The International Monetary Fund has said in its latest report that Iran is the second biggest economy in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia.

Iran condemns savage murder of Jordanian pilot

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has condemned the brutal killing of a Jordanian pilot by ISIL, urging serious measures to confront crimes committed by terror groups.

Iran rejects US anti-terror call of help over Washington insincerity

A senior Iranian diplomat says Tehran has rejected a US request for help in fighting terrorist groups because of Washington’s lack of sincerity.

Iran raps Europe for following US sanctions policies

The chairman of Iran's Expediency Council has criticized Europe for following the US policies in imposing unfair sanctions against other countries.

Attack on Shia Lebanese in Syria serves Israel: Iran

Iran called on the UN to seriously confront terrorism and oblige countries to fulfill their commitments as stipulated in Security Council resolutions.

Iran, Egypt hold common anti-terror stance: Iran diplomat

A senior Iranian diplomat says Iran and Egypt share common ground with regard to opposing any act of terror in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Iraq.

Lebanese PM asks for Iran’s assistance in settlement of presidency crisis

We hope that Tehran will help the progress of affairs toward ending the political vacuum and election of a new president, said the Lebanese Prime Minister.

Iran, Russia ties help Syria fight terror: Velayati

A senior Iranian official says “constructive” cooperation between Iran and Russia has helped the Syrian nation gain the upper hand in its battle against the militants.

Iran ready to help anti-Boko Haram campaign: Deputy FM

An Iranian deputy foreign minister says the Islamic Republic is ready to cooperate with the African countries in the fight against Boko Haram militant group.

What is really going on in Yemen? An expert point of view (PART TWO)

A Middle East expert says that the possible rise to power of Shiites in Yemen is not a cause for concern for reactionary Arab states; rather, they do not want to see a democracy in their backyard.

Iran condemns terrorist attacks in Sinai Peninsula

As many as 48 were killed and 105 injured in a series of attacks on soldiers and police in northeast Egypt.

Iran welcomes enhanced ties with Saudi Arabia, Lebanon: MP

A senior Iranian lawmaker says the Islamic Republic welcomes the expansion of ties with regional countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

What is really going on in Yemen? An expert point of view (PART ONE)

A Middle East expert says that the possible rise to power of Shiites in Yemen is not a cause for concern for reactionary Arab states; rather, they do not want to see a democracy in their backyard.

Iran: Israel to suffer consequences for Golan attack

Iran has warned that Israel will suffer the consequences of its fatal aerial assault against the Hezbollah convoy on the Syrian soil which killed six Hezbollah members and an Iranian commander.

Iran and Turkey; from regional rivalry to cultural impacts

Mehmet Seyitdanlioglu, a history professor, has examined relations between Ottoman and Safavid Empires.

There won’t be a thaw in Tehran-Riyadh ties under King Salman: Expert

Zanganeh says King Salman is unlikely to seek to ease tensions with Iran given the presence of security-minded people in his royal court.

Rouhani says Iran, Portugal could link Europe, Middle East

Tehran and Lisbon could cooperate not only in issues of mutual interest but can act as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East, said the Portuguese foreign minister.

Iran resolved to support Palestinian cause: Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader described the issue of Palestine as a key issue in the world of Islam.

Top cleric describes protection of public property as duty of Iraqi army

Ayatollah Sistani has described protection of public rights and property as the moral and religious duty of the Iraqi army and volunteer forces fighting IS.

Democracy not to be achieved by financing terrorism: Larijani

Democracy cannot be created in a country through providing financial, arms and intelligence support to terrorists, said Larijani in a meeting with the vice-president of the German Bundestag.

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