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Iranian ship to carry humanitarian aid to Yemen in coming days

A cargo Ship carrying 2,500 tons of humanitarian aid will leave for Yemen within the next two days, said Ali Asghar Ahmadi.

Iranians hold countrywide rallies against Saudi-led war on Yemen

The demonstrators called on international organizations to immediately react to savage attacks on Yemen and help end the conflict.

Iran not to be deceived by West’s regional game: Shamkhani

The destruction of economic infrastructure in Yemen and the prevention of aid delivery to the war-wracked country run counter to Islamic ethics, said Shamkhani.

Senior cleric blasts US Congress bill on direct arms supplies to Iraqi Kurds

The recent US bill on forming three separate Shiite, Sunni and Kurd states in Iraq is a dream which won’t come true, because the Iraqi nation is well aware of the plot, said Ahmad Khatami.
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham

Riyadh playing blame game on Iran: Afkham

Iran has dismissed Saudi foreign minister’s allegation that Tehran is interfering in Yemen, saying Riyadh is playing a blame game on the Yemeni crisis.

Daesh will fade into history; Daeshism will live on (PART TWO)

Professor Abbas Vali, a Turkish theorist, has said that the threat of Daesh is likely to grow in the Sunni-majority Turkey.

Germany ships arms to Erbil without Baghdad’s knowledge

Kayhan daily has published a report on US violation of its promises that Washington will not support any ethnicity in Iraq.

Iran urges immediate global relief aid to Yemen

Yemen’s blockade is an inhumane scenario, leading to a severe shortage of basic necessities, said Afkham.

Iran’s Judiciary vows to take legal action against Saudi siege of Yemen

The crime being committed in different parts of the region and Yemen today is a scandal for those who claim to be supporters of human rights, said the Judiciary spokesman.

We shouldn’t cause trouble for those who stand up for our rights: Rafsanjani

The US Congress is opposed to a nuclear deal and the Zionist lobby has gone into overdrive, we shouldn’t cause trouble for those who stand up for our rights, Rafsanjani said.

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