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President Rouhani condemns multiple terror attacks in Paris

President Rouhani denounces France’s terror attacks, saying the world is more determined than before to take on terror groups.
Frank-Walter Steinmeier

A message of seriousness: Iran sanctions should be terminated

The German foreign minister has said that Zarif and his team stood their ground to represent Iran’s interests and help work out a solution acceptable to both sides.

British aristocracy shocked by new Labour Party leader

Corbyn is a staunch advocate of the people of Palestine, blames the 2008 world economic crisis on banks and favors negotiations with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

Europe’s willingness to cooperate with Iran on regional matters

A former Iranian diplomat has said that the Syrian refugee crisis and Russia’s military war games off the coast of Syria have caused the Europeans to turn to Iran for solving regional crises.

Mr. Erdogan! You are to blame for the Syrian refugees

The Turkish president has claimed that Iran is to blame for a large influx of Syrian refugees who are fleeing their hometown. An Iranian daily has responded to Erdogan's baseless claims.
Syrian boy

Drowned Syrian boy in Iranian media

Iranian newspapers on Saturday brought into focus the horrifying image of a drowned Syrian child, Aylan.

This time around Europeans won’t oblige US neocons at the expense of their interests

Europe has turned to Iran; it is a change of heart in Europe, but it is not a matter of love or hate; the fact is that wisdom has come into Europe’s heart, says an Iranian researcher.

Volkswagen on course to replace Peugeot in Iranian market

Iran Khodro has reached the conclusion that in the current conditions, Volkswagen is a better choice for partner and can better help promote the Iranian automotive industry.

We in Greece are fighting to topple capitalism

The Central Committee of the Communist Party in Greece has said that the ruling party, Syriza, is seeking to humanize the savagery of capitalism, vowing to fight on until it gets the better of capitalism.
Richard Stuart Howitt

MEP: We have come to Tehran to guarantee promises

Richard Howitt, a Member of the European Parliament, has said that the EP will open its Tehran office in 2016 after the conclusion of a nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1.