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COVID-19 Deaths, Cases Falling in Most Iranian Provinces

The pace of the coronavirus pandemic is slowing down in Iran as the number of fatalities and infections keep dropping in over 20 provinces.

Mu variant detected in 49 US states as COVID cases top 40mln

The Mu variant of COVID-19 - which scientists fear could be more transmissible than Delta - has now been detected in all US states with the exception of Nebraska.

Iran sets record in anti-covid vaccination drive

Iran says it has set a record in vaccinating citizens against Covid-19 in a single day, injecting 884,810 doses from Monday to Tuesday.

Iranian Doctor Loses Life to Covid After Visiting “24k” Patients

An experienced physician in the city of Raz and Jargalan in northeastern Iran has lost his life due to infection with Covid-19, after visiting what he said were 24-thousand coronavirus patients.

Iran Covid deaths stands at 610, around 30K new cases

Covid-19 kills 610 more people in Iran.

Iran begins 3rd clinical trial of domestic Covid vaccine

Iran has begun the third and final phase of clinical test of domestically produced coronavirus vaccine Razi Cov Pars.

4.55 deaths as 220mln contract COVID-19 worldwide

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide surpassed 219.8 million on Saturday, with more than 4.55 million deaths, the latest data from Johns Hopkins University showed.

Iran Denies Sputnik Vaccine Produced Domestically, Transferred to Russia

The Iranian health ministry has denied media reports that some two million doses of the Sputnik coronavirus vaccine are produced in Iran monthly and taken to Russia.

595 killed by corona, more than 30k new infections

Covid-19 kills 595 more people in Iran.

New Consignment of Covid-19 Vaccine Arrives in Iran

A consignment of coronavirus vaccines containing well over 1.4 million doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine of the COVAX Facility has arrived Iran.