Iran Elections

Rouhani’s Rivals Congratulate Him on Re-Election

Presidential candidates Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim and Mostafa Hashemitaba have congratulated Hassan Rouhani on winning a re-election in Iran’s presidential votes held on Friday.

Iran Leader Appreciates People’s Epic Turnout in Elections

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has issued a message commending the Iranian people for their "massive and epic" turnout in the country's twin elections.

Final Results of Iran’s Presidential Election Declared

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli officially declared the results of Iran’s presidential elections, where Hassan Rouhani was re-elected by a wide margin.

EU’s Mogherini Congratulates Rouhani on Re-Election

Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief, in a message offered her congratulations to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on his re-election, and voiced the EU’s preparedness for bilateral engagement with the Islamic Republic.

“Iran Derives Stability from Its People, Not from Coalitions”

Amid US President’s trip to Saudi Arabia for talks on forming a regional coalition with Arab states, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Islamic Republic derives its stability from the people who vote, not from such coalitions.

Trump’s Riyadh Visit Eclipsed by High Turnout in Iran Election

Maybe if Trump could see Iranian people queuing up to vote in Iran Elections on his way to Saudi Arabia, he would ask Saudi rulers about the true meaning of election and democracy.

Rouhani Re-Elected as Iran’s President: State TV

Iranian presidential candidate and the incumbent president Hassan Rouhani won the majority of votes in the presidential elections held on Friday, defeating his conservative rival Ebrahim Raisi by a significant margin.

“People’s High Turnout to Enhance Iran’s Security in Region”

Speaker of Iran's Parliament Ali Larijani says the massive turnout of Iranian people in the Friday elections will reinforce the country's security in the Middle East.

Top Iranian Officials, Clerics Cast Ballots in Iran Elections

Senior Iranian authorities and clerics have cast their ballots in Iran's presidential and local elections, which are being held simultaneously across the country.

Several Terrorist Cells Busted ahead of Iran Elections

The Iranian intelligence minister announced that the country’s security forces have managed to smash a number of terrorist cells that intended to disrupt the process of the elections on Friday.

FM Zarif Vows to Protect Iranian Expats’ Votes in Iran Elections

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif assured the Iranian expatriates that their votes in Iran’s presidential election will be protected.

What Was First Statement Released by Iran Elections HQ?

The Headquarters of Iran Elections in its first statement on Friday declared that no individual or body other than the Guardian Council is allowed to interfere in observing the election process.

Incumbent President Rouhani Votes in Iran Elections

Iranian presidential candidate and incumbent president Hassan Rouhani voted in Tehran, saying whoever elected in the votes should be helped by others.

Presidential Candidate Raisi Votes in Iran Elections

Iranian presidential candidate Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi and his wife cast their ballots in the country’s presidential and local elections on Friday.

Iran’s Leader Casts His Vote in Iran Elections

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei cast his vote in Iran’s presidential and local elections.

Polls Open in Iran’s Presidential, Local Elections

Millions of Iranians have started going to the ballot boxes across the country as of 8 am (Iran standard time) to vote for their favourite candidates in Iran’s presidential and local elections.

Iranian Expats in New Zealand Start Voting in Iran Elections

While people in Iran will start voting in the country's presidential election in coming hours, Iranian expats in New Zealand have already queued up to vote for their favourite candidates due to the time difference.

Iranians Engaged in Street Debates ahead of Election

An Iranian sociologist says arguments in the streets between supporters of different presidential candidates not only do not widen the gap between people, but also bring them closer together.

No Security Problem Reported in Run-up to Iran Elections

There has not been a single report of security problems during various stages of preparations for Friday’s presidential elections, a deputy Iranian minister said.

“Ties with Other Countries Should Be Based on Dignity”

Iranian presidential contender Ebrahim Raisi has, yet again, taken a swipe at the Rouhani administration over its performance in different fields, including foreign policy.

Iran’s Enemies No Friend of Any Government: President’s Aide

A senior advisor to Iran's president says the enemies of the Iranian nation try to pretend that they are in favour of a particular group or party, but they have never been a friend to any of Iranian administrations.

“Rouhani Gov’t Made Many Breakthroughs in Past 4 Years”

Iran’s foreign minister has thrown his weight behind the Rouhani administration’s performance, saying it has secured several breakthroughs during its tenure.

“Alliance with Raisi Aimed at Countering Gov’t of Four-Percenters”

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, who dropped out of Iran’s presidential race in favour of his fellow right-winger Ebrahim Raisi, says the alliance is aimed at ending the tenure of a government that favours only a “four-percent” affluent minority of Iran’s population.

“Rouhani Looks for Solution to Iran’s Problems Abroad”

Iranian presidential contender Ebrahim Raisi has once again criticized the performance of the current administration and vowed to settle the problems facing the country using domestic potentials.

Imam Khomeini’s Grandson Calls on Iranians to Back Rouhani

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the influential grandson of the Islamic Republic’s founder, has come out in support of presidential candidate Hassan Rouhani, hailing the enormous capabilities of the incumbent government.

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