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A look at Iranian newspaper front pages one day after epic elections

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iran newspapers on Saturday and picked headlines from 40 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1. Rouhani: Every parliament structure respectable for Admin

2.  Kerry urges Congress not to rush to renew Iran sanctions measure

3.  Judiciary Chief: Support for Islamic establishment, leadership vivid message of Iran nation in elections

4.  Arabian dust storm on way to Iran

5.  Iran, West relations must be based on mutual respect: Hadi Khamenei

6.  Politico: Donald Trump is the likely GOP nominee

7.  Rafsanjani: Today (election day) is like day of decree


Abrar daily




1.  Celebration of attendance

2.  Iranian logic against Saudi melancholy

3.  Sepp Blatter says will remain FIFA chief forever


Afkar daily




1.  Everybody came

Leader: Anyone who loves Iran goes to the polls


Amin daily



Arman-e Emrouz:

1.  Leader: Result of nation’s big turnout is national dignity, independence

2.  Day of value for Iranian nation

– President Rouhani: I kiss hands of voters

– Nation finished its work

– Iran election top in world media

– Election extended to 12 p.m.



Arman Emrouz daily



Besharat-e Nou

– Celeberation of fate






1.  Hopeful presence

2. Leader: Result of nation’s big turnout is national dignity, independence

3.  Newly-wed bride and Mr. Bin with teddy cast votes

4.  A new golden page in Islamic Republic’s calendar





1.  Nation creates new epic on Feb 26 [elections]

2.  Leader: Result of nation’s big turnout is national dignity, independence

3.  Rouhani: Every parliament structure respectable for Admin

4.  EU parliament votes for embargo on arms sales to Saudi Arabia

5.  FM Zarif says Iran prepares to exert global influence

6.  IOOC Chief: Iran bent on inking $20bn deals

Managing director of Iranian Offshore Oil Company is quoted as saying.

7. AEOI Chief: Employment, economic problems will certainly be solved






1.  Nation’s Yes to Leader, elites

2.  Iran mulls $20bn deals in oil, gas sector


Ettelaat daily




1.  Epic of hope

Iranian nation turned February 26 into a historic, unforgettable day in the history of Islamic Revolution

2.  Reformist analyst: Every parliament structure will be better than 5th parliament


Etemad daily




1.  World watches Iranian patriotism

2.  Mass-smuggling of handicraft to Iran






1. Day of nation’s judgment

President: I assure the Iranian nation that the administration, interior ministry, executive bodies and the Guardian Council are making every effort to hold elections in a fully sound and legal manner.






1. Everybody came; we repeat… everybody came






1.  Viva nation








1. Iranian nation’s enemies checkmated

The massive presence of the Iranian nation in the Friday elections checkmated the Islamic Revolution’s enemies.

2. Judiciary Chief: Iranian nation disproved alien interference






1.  Grandeur of national power

Youths were the election forerunners in February 26 elections in Iran.

2.  Clerics honor nation’s big turnout in elections

3. Leader: Result of nation’s big turnout is national dignity, independence

4. President Rouhani: I kiss hands of voters

5.  Election results to be published on Saturday


Iran Newspaper




1.  Day of Iran’s grandeur

– 473 foreign journalists from 29 countries report election turnout in Iran

2.  Decline in theft breaks record

3.  Tehran schools off [for counting votes]


Jame Jam




1. Muscle-flexing of a nation

2. Filled ballot boxes send chill down enemy’s spine

3. Kerry admits to Obama’s support for 2009 unrest in Iran

4. Iran-Russia unity can change world order: Sharmine Narwani





Jomhouri Islami:

1.  Nation’s epic presence in first post-sanctions elections

2.  Wide reflection of Iranians’ eye-catching presence in elections

3. Admin ready to fully protect nation’s votes: Rouhani


Jomhouri Eslami




1.  Great Iranian nation sings song of empathy; the proud Iran







1. Passionate Yes by nation to leader’s call

– Enemy frustrated one more time

2. Abu Dhabi admits to collaboration with Tel Aviv

– UAE calls for ending resistance for dissolution of ISIS






1. Yes by Nation





Payam Zaman:

1.  World shall see: We honor our promises

2. Rouhani: Admin holds trusteeship of votes

3.  Head of Presidential Office: Iran economy among world’s most hopeful emerging economies


Payame zaman



Rah-e Mardom:

1. Leader, nation winner of election


Rah-e Mardom




1. Nation’s majority vote: dignity, power, national security

– Iranians’ epic of faithfulness, resistance

2. Leader speaks of enemies with designs for revolution

3. Nation’s presence rendered UK, US, Israeli plots futile






1. Feb 26 joins history; the nation wins

2. Leader: Outcome of nation’s big turnout is national dignity, independence

3. Ayatollah Hashemi: I extend my gratitude to respectful nation of iran

4. Election, suffrage duty, right: Hassan Khomeini

5.  Rouhani: Every parliament structure respectable for Admin





Rooyesh Mellat:

1.  All factions are winners today: Rouhani

2.  Epic of presence at ballot boxes


Rooyesh mellat



Setareh Sobh:

1. Election greenlights nuclear deal


Setareh Sobh




1.  Rouhani: Election symbol of country’s independence

2.  FM Zarif: Elections symbol of religious democracy






1.  Snapshots of nation’s glamorous presence in election day

[Big celebration of Iranian nation’s victory]

2.  Zarif says upbeat about level of sciences, medicine of Iran

3. Minister of Health: Citation of Iranian scientists’ works crucial




Siasat-e Rooz:

1.  The sweet vigor

Leader: Our selection must disappoint enemies

2.  Competition is over; today is day of building an Iran suitable for Iranians: President Rouhani

3.  Obama Signs Bill Defending Israel From Boycott

4.  ME bride [Lebanon] entrapped in Saudi madness

Saudi Arabia still engaged in provocations in Lebanon


Siasat-e Rooz




1.  Everybody came with hope

2.  Hashemi Rafsanjani: No one can tell people who to vote






1.  Nation’s decree

Iranian nation’s attendance at elections was astounding.





Asr-e Azadi:

1. Feb 26 inscribed on golden pages of Iran history


Asr-e Azadi



Asr-e Iranian:

1. Grandeur of democracy across Iran


Asre Iranian



Asr-e Resaneh:

1. Iranian nation’s early victory

Colored fingertips that pierced enemy eyes

2. 195,000 flights during Nowrouz (Iranian New Year)


Asre resaneh


Abrar-e Eghtesadi:

1.  Iran poised to raise share in IMF

2.  Russian energy minister to visit Tehran

3.  Tax increase in next year budget criticized

4.  Biggest Omani bank opens branch in Iran

5.  Greece buys Iran LNG

6.  Production index rises 5.5%: CBI

7.  Bern seeking to win shares in Iran market


Abrar Eghtesadi


Vaghaye Etterfaghiyeh: 

1.  Iran; land of hope

2.  Elections held with 1 million staff

3. FM: Democratic system sign of nation might


Vaghaye etefaghieh



Aftab-e Yazd:

1.  Feb 26 epic

2.  No internet disruption nor Telegram blocks

Administration’s respect for nation’s big election turnout


Aftabe Yazd



Nasl-e Farda:

1.  Epic of empathy

Celebration of the fate by presence of all social strata


nasle farda


Vatan Emrouz:

The daily printed the picture of the leader’s voting with a sentence by Imam Khomeini which looks like the top headline. The sentence reads as: Everybody must participate in elections and be presence in the scene.


Vatane Emrouz




1.  People did it all

2.  Leader: Election is both a right and a duty for people

–  Rafsanjani: This turnout shows how informed our people are

–  Rouhani: Admin regards nation’s vote as big trust

–  Jannati: Election was not to UK

–  Foreign media stunned at big election turnout





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