A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 19

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Tuesday and picked headlines from 23 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1- Brazilian House of Representatives approves bill to censure President

2- Jordan recalls its ambassador from Tehran

3- Aref: Discussion about Parliament Speaker role better left until after 2nd round elections

4- Zarif and Kerry meeting today in New York

5- Mogherini: New chapter opened in relations with Iran





1- Ayatollah Hashemi:  We should help government with economic growth

2- Iran’s new diplomacy in East and West: Larijani in Moscow, Zarif in New York

3- Baeidinejad : Governor of Central Bank (Mr. Seif) talks in US were in line with JCPOA

4- Zanganeh reacts strongly to Saudi oil policy




Arman Emrouz

1- Seyyed Hassan Khomeini condoles family ofAfghan girl “Setayesh”:

“Tyranny and injustice is irrelevant to nationality or religion.”

2- Delvapasan Group (the Concerned) welcomes Seif’s JCPOA comments





1- Zarif visits US to advance JCPOA

2- Saudi Arabia continues uncompromising Hajj policy





1- Book fairs, film and theatre festivals to be given to private sector, says Minister of Culture

2- Syria protests strongly to UN Security Council over Israel’s Golan sovereignty claim

3- Cool weather and floods cause IRR20bn to Iranian agriculture

4- Commemoration ceremony in honour of renowned Quran researcher Manizhe Gorji,  and opening of a specialized library for women





1- Invisible eyes on the streets

–  7,000 invisible morality police

2- Air France passengers and huge contracts

– French Transportation Minister arrives with first Air France airliner to Tehran in 8 years: “We will stick to our commitments.”





1- Judiciary Chief: US report is baseless





1- French musicians to play in Iranian historic sites

2- Zangeneh: Saudi hallucination – output freeze for Iran like new oil sanctions

3- Iranian banking network connection to US denied

– American company Payment Wall says Iranian banking network is now connected to that of the US, but Iranian Central Bank officials deny the claim





1- Mogherini calls her Tehran visit constructive, says Europe wants to be Iran’s number one economic partner

2- First Air France flight to Tehran after 8 years:

– Air France Manager: We will increase our weekly flights to Tehran from 3 to 7




Payam Zaman:

1- Fifth Symposium of world neurologists in Iran

2- Minister of Labour: 600,000 new jobs in this Iranian year

3- Ban on export of Iranian liquid gas is lifted






1- Green light to US-made cars

– Import license for US-made cars is not compatible with Resistance Economy




Jomhuri Eslami:

1- Minister of Roads & Transportation: Iran and France to cooperate on rail, air and sea transportation

2- Yemeni Peace talks postponed due to Saudi ceasefire violations

3- Spokesman of Syrian opposition groups resigned, threatened to leave Geneva

Syrian peace talks experiences new twist

4- Israel purchasing land in Kurdish regions of Turkey





1- Zarif: We didn’t negotiate for 30 months for an empty document

– Strong criticism by Iranian Foreign Minister before departing to Washington for talks with Kerry





1- Head of Judiciary thanks President Rouhani for his Organization of Islamic Cooperation stance

2- Doha meeting failure means oil market instability until mid-2017





1-  Zarif Spiegel interview: Global banks refusing to cooperate with Iran because of US intimidation

2- Head of Judiciary:  Baseless report by US State Department shows that Iranian Judiciary is Impenetrable

3- General Vahidi: Quds Forces prevented downfall of Erbil

4-Tehran Prosecutor : Urgent legal proceedings about crime in Varmin [the murder of an Afghan girl]




Khorasan :

1- Zarif’s threat on eve of Kerry meeting: JCPOA survival depends on Iranians feeling concrete results





1- Mohammad Javad Larijani: Sanctions in connection with Human Rights violation is a brazen claim

2- Mohsen Rezaei: Saudis behavior is nearing edge of madness

3- French Transportation Minister: Problems still hindering banking transactions with Iran

4- Largest Metro station in Capital open in Shahr-e Aftab (Sun City)




Royesh Mellat:

1- Minister of Culture: Saudis causing problems over Hajj affairs

2- Energy Minister: Iran’s severe drought ending this year

3- Iranians: Champion soft drink consumers

– Average consumption of soft drinks in Iran is twice that of world average





1- 7,000 invisible morality police deployed on the street





1- 15m children do not go to school: A report on children in warzones

2- Flood destroyed assets of 140,000 farmers in various parts of the country





1- “Almost Nothing”: Achievement of JCPOA

2- Bus Explosion in occupied Quds leaves 20 injured

3- Hezbollah: Even if you issue thousands of statements, we will keep fighting Israel




Vaghaye Etefaghye:

1- Climate change of JCPOA

– Zarif in New York on two missions [signing the UN Paris climate change agreement, and also changing the climate of the nuclear deal]




Jahane Eghtesad:

1- Iranian Banking Network connected to Japanese, Chinese and Iraqi Banking Networks

This year, 5-8 new passenger planes to be delivered to Iran





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