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A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 11

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Monday and picked headlines from 20 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1- Supreme Leader: Operational capability and spiritual motivations of the Armed Forces should be strengthened day by day.

2- 5% price hike of dairies approved




Abrar Eghtesadi:


1-    Public budget of government increased by IRR350,000bn

2-    Iranian and Kazakh economic parties sign $1bn memorandum of understanding

3-    Citroen invests in CIPA

4-    Europeans talk with US Treasury about Iran


Abrar-e Eghtesadi



1-    World largest neurological hospital inaugurated in Iran

2-    Shocking figures on soft drink consumption in Iran

3-    Iran and Kazakhstan sign 49 agreements





1-    Spokesman for Headquarters for Combating Drug Trafficking:  Iran is number one in the world in narcotic confiscation

2-    Tangible decline of corruption during Rouhani Administration


Aftab-e Yazd




1-    President Rouhani: Iran welcomes expansion of cooperation with Europe

2-    Supreme Leader: Militarism in Iran is neither formality nor illogical

3-    Iranian Oil Minister: Saudis are not able to boycott Iranian oil tankers

4-    Minister of Culture: We tried our best to encourage those working in Iranian film




Asre Iranian:

1-    In post-nuclear agreement neither increased employment nor reduced price commodities, says Mohsen Rezaee

2-    Oil price may drop to less than $30 per barrel

3-    Sanders on track for victory


Asr-e Iranian


Asre Resane:

1-    Zanganeh reacts to Saudi threat: Saudis are incapable of sanctioning Iranian oil tankers

2-    Obstacles in the way of export to Russia to be removed by next month

3-    Iran and Germany to boost their agricultural cooperation


Asr-e Resaneh



1-    Supreme Leader meets military commanders: armed forces to defend national security of borders

2-    Zarif sharply criticizes Kerry: There is no Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on defence sector

The Iranian Foreign Minister described John Kerry’s statements on Iranian missile tests as baseless, and said there won’t be a JCPOA on defence. Zarif said the invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US is the main cause of the rise and expansion of terrorism in the world





1-    Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance defends his ministry’s performance during his 2.5 year term of office

2-    Minister of Health: Insurance coverage for addicts to become a reality soon





1- Zarif reacts strongly to Kerry’s proposed negotiation: We are not going to have missile JCPOA





1- Supreme Leader: Armed forces should be the safe haven for people

2- Iran to promote its ties with Central Asia and Northern Europe

3-President Rouhani in talks with Estonian Foreign Minister: Iran and Europe should work for stability and security in the Middle East

4- British Army: US has supplied thousands of tons of military hardware to terrorists in Syria





1- In Mighan marshland, workers are frightening cranes away






1- Zarif responds to Kerry’s tough talk: US Secretary of State knows that our missiles and defense capability are non-negotiable

2- Whispers about petrol price hike: Minister of Petroleum says petroleum price increase is not implemented

3- Alternative punishment has resulted in decline in number of inmates in prisons

4- Shahr e Aftab (City of Sun) a new resort for the capital





1- 121 people are in custody in connection to Saudi Embassy attack

2- Parliament approves budget bill generalities for current Iranian year

3-    Supreme Leader: Armed Forces do not belong to any particular individual or faction

4-    Minister of Culture: Government advocates freedom of speech and beyond





1- Supreme Leader: Ideological, spiritual and effectiveness are three features of Iranian Armed forces




Jomhouri Eslami:

1- Dr. Zarif slams baseless comments by John Kerry

Kerry’s claim about Iranian support for terrorism is baseless, and no one in the world pays any attention to such claims. If the US is serious about defence issues it should first stop supplying weapons which are used for killing Yemeni people.

2- Israel asks for expansion of ties with Saudi Arabia and Jordan

3- Iraqi Police confirms supply of weapon by US to ISIS

4- Terrorists in Syria use chemical weapons against Kurds


Jomhouri Eslami



1- Democracy is sacrificed in US Presidential election: votes by leaders of Democrat Party overrules popular vote

2- Mohsen Rezaee: Creating mirage about nuclear agreement resulted in economic recession





1- Foreign Minister: Americans have accepted that missile activities are separate from JCPOA










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