21 Coronavirus Patients Recovered in Iranian City of Qom

739 Iranians Recover from COVID-19: Health Ministry

21 of the coronavirus patients have recovered and are discharged from the hospitals in the Iranian holy city of Qom, the hub of outbreak in the country.

Mohammad Tavakoli, a Health Ministry Official in Qom, says the Coronavirus detection laboratory is equipped in Qom, and it is no longer necessary to have the Coronavirus tests sent to Tehran because the diagnostics job is carried out in Qom.

“There are two dormitories for hospital staff dealing with COVID 19 and personal protection packages for staff and patients are available.

These packages arrive in Qom every night and there is no problem in this regard,” he added.

Currently, 320 suspected cases are admitted to Kamkar and Forqani hospitals in Qom; some of them have the flu and some are suffering from COVID 19.

Meanwhile, official in Ardabil province also say that two people with coronavirus have been cured an released from the hospital in the northwestern province.

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  1. Well, this is a straight up lie. You really must think people are stupid. These 21 people haven’t been sick long enough to recover. As of a week ago, you only had 5 people infected. These 21 people would still be sick for another 1-2 weeks. And that room is a fake. They are wearing clothes and using their own blankets. There aren’t any proper medical supplies. Who are you trying to fool?


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